Ecospeed Marine Limited

Ecospeed Marine Limited Advanced ride and comfortEcospeed Marine Limited is at the forefront of the new technology development that relies on algorithms and software for its calculations. The company has had what is now called 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution) or Big Data for a long time which has allowed it to obtain unheard of and therefore incredible levels of efficiency. The initial product was already tested on a small scale in one of the UK test tanks and it was validated completely. Subsequently mechanical versions have been tested in water for several years.

Ecospeed Marine Limited and its founding directors made a decision to go electric which is the direction of the marine and other markets at the present time.

Ecospeed Marine Limited now has very close to production five sets of products and can provide serial hybrid or fully electric solutions.

  • A propulsion system – an electric pod – which gives exceptional savings on emissions and fuel
  • Control software which uses algorithms and code to enable the craft to react quickly to both sea state and the conditions around, almost automatically
  • Hydrofoils morphing which means that they change shape according to the sea state and wave height allowing for a more comfortable ride
  • Hulls which together with the hydrofoils give 90%+ energy efficiency
  • Small autonomous craft suitable for delivery of parts and other unmanned operations

The propulsion system alone gives 50% fuel saving  and 50%+ energy efficiency and together with the hydrofoils as mentioned above can reach 90%+ energy efficiency so enables  operators and boatbuilders to comply easily with the sulphur regulations and other environmental legislation. The system can be used with LNG if this has already been installed – otherwise it can be used on its own and will enable compliance for boatbuilders, shipyards and operators.

Ecospeed Marine Limited Fast Craft PropulsionSuitable for any relatively fast craft and scalable it is particularly suited to windfarm maintenance vessels, patrol boats, rigid raiders, smaller passenger ferries and smaller freight transport. It finally makes short sea shipping viable. Since it is electric or hybrid it has near zero emissions or very low emissions and can provide faster crossings thereby ensuring more crossings per day. It will also have increased range compared to present market solutions.

Just to give a flavour of what the marine market could look like in the very near future!