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Ecospeed Marine Founders have been researching low energy marine technologies for 3 decades and have been actively developing advanced propulsion and controlled hydrofoil products for over a decade.
From Micro Autonomous Surface Vehicles to Large Carriers our technologies increase functionality and performance whilst dramatically reducing energy requirements.
Whether your requirement is to improve an existing product or to create a new product with hitherto unattainable characteristics we can work with Yards, Naval Architects or other partners to achieve your aims.
For faster/lighter craft the gains using our technologies will be very great, but even for craft at the  slower/heavier end of the spectrum the gains will be significant.
In most cases the use of our products in a ship or craft will not increase the initial cost – the user benefits from the very large savings in fuel and operating costs as well as other benefits. Of course, if a large increase in performance is desired increased build costs may result but any such cost increase will be rapidly amortised by the increased economy.