Freight and Logistics Solutions and Social Aspects

Ecospeed Marine’s systems have great advantages for freight and could make the shorter freight crossings finally economic and viable. Many routes were discontinued because they were not economic – reason – the high cost of fuel and infrequency of crossings due to slow speeds. Ecospeed’s LEAP® and LEAF® enable fast speeds, zero or low emissions and use much less fuel in normal operation. Another feature is a direct braking and much improved vessel control system which increases safety, particularly in crowded waterways and ports.

There is now a social aspect in creating better air quality in ports and inland waterways. Commuters in ports are increasingly being transported by sea to avoid the congestion points and traffic fumes in the cities and Ecospeed products provide a non-polluting method of transport when used on passenger ferries, waterbusses, or on tourist transfers from the large cruise liners.

Social Responsibility

The opportunity for multi-modal, whole logistics systems becomes possible with opening up the smaller ports which have fallen into disuse with the advent of the large container ships. This in turn offers great regeneration possibilities with the creation of new jobs and improving the living conditions and community life by linking towns and ports which have been impossible to reach by road. Several ports have embarked on complete regeneration programmes and now provide vibrant examples of how rebirth can succeed in reviving whole communities, creating jobs and improving living conditions.

The following gives a non-exhaustive overview of the applications for Ecospeed Marine Products:
Windfarm Service Vessels and Offshore Crew Transfer Vessels
Offshore Rapid Intervention Vessels, Anchor Handling and Supply Vessels
Pilot boats, Harbour Master vessels
Ferries – Ro/Ro, RoPax, Passenger Ferries
Container feeder vessels
Leisure craft, Luxury yachts and tenders, sterndrive and outboard boats
Outstanding new generation electric craft including water taxis and water buses and smaller electric and hybrid Passenger Ferries and particularly smaller freight vessels for Short Sea Shipping
Defence – USV’s/ASV’s, rapid raiders, interceptors, patrol boats, corvettes etc.
River traffic – barges and barge trains – gives improved safety via direct braking
Autonomous craft