How did Ecospeed Marine Ltd. who had been in the automotive market with a very successful sweeper company which the founders had built into a multi-national company from scratch come to be engaged in marine technology and products for the marine market.?
Well, having been asked to come to France to help set up a group, Anne Duncan took over a French motorboat company and one of the first things that happened was that there was a problem with an expensive propeller and the agent came in with a big hammer to put it right. It did put it right but the founders were astonished by the state of technology in the marine industry which at that time was way behind automotive. A code and whole control system was invented and what is now classed as Big Data or 4IR was used to develop a highly innovative control system. This is what enables the high claims of energy efficiency which are now credible and the great savings on emissions and fuel.
A whole range of different sized inboard mechanical systems were produced and proved successful but it was not until the product was simplified and made electric or hybrid that the right customers and markets appeared.
Returning to the UK for the second time in 2012 Ecospeed Marine Ltd was formed to develop the latest electric and hybrid versions but it has taken some time to develop the products due to the lack of funding for Innovation and particularly ‘disruptive innovation’.
The last budget has shown that the government has suddenly realised that a large part of the economy and small businesses have been starved of cash.