Marine Propulsion

Ecospeed Marine has developed an entirely new concept of Micro-controlled Podded Marine Propulsion Systems

Marine Propulsion Pod + Chart

  • Robust 3rd generation propulsion systems
  • Exceptional global efficiency exceeds 50% over 2/3 of the entire operating range even for electric drives for ultimate economy
  • Revolutionary high-bandwidth micro-control assures peak operating efficiency
  • Infinitely variable clutchless control for ultimate ease of operation
  • Optional trim control to enable motion control

 Marine Propulsion PodEcospeed propulsion systems are configurable with integral electric drive, integral diesel engines/gas turbines, and hybrid arrangements.

From Micro Autonomous Surface Vehicles to Large Carriers Ecospeed technologies increase functionality and performance whilst dramatically reducing energy requirements.

Whether your requirement is to improve an existing product or to create a new product with hitherto unattainable characteristics we can work with Yards, Naval Architects or other partners to achieve your aims.