Ecospeed Marine Ltd is at the forefront of the new technology  development that relies on algorithms and software for its calculations. The company has used AI, or 4IR technology and Big Data tools for many years which has allowed it to obtain unheard of exceptional levels of efficiency and sophisticated product development. The initial product was tested at small scale in one of the UK test tanks very successfully and was subsequently validated by the Wolfson Institute. Mechanical versions have been tested in open sea conditions for several years and at various scales

After extensive testing of mechanical systems EcoSpeed Marine progressed to electric and hybrid versions to simplify control and improve response. The market was tending to electric drives and the efficiency gain was a major enabling factor. The following products are available, described in greater details under PRODUCTS:

Complete electric/hybrid propulsion systems

Ultra-high efficiency azimuthing electric pods with integral electric motors. Installation-ready Propulsion packages include optimised battery packs, etc. Hybrid packages include multiple advanced technology generators

Control software, ‘Micro-Control’

Complete propulsion and vessel control systems include monitoring and predictive maintenance. Proprietary algorithms maintain optimum efficiency and enable precise and rapid response in all sea-states. automatically.

Hull optimising technologies

Hull resistance optimisation for both fast craft and slower vessels significantly reduces energy requirements

The propulsion system alone gives 40%-65% fuel saving and energy efficiency improvement ‘and enables operators and boatbuilders to comply easily with the sulphur regulations and other environmental legislation. The system can be used with LNG if this has already been installed – otherwise it can be used on its own and will enable compliance for operators, boatbuilders, and shipyards.

In battery electric mode the vessel has zero GHG emissions. For operations in, or around ports. Batteries can be charged from clean sources, if available. Battery packs can be configured to suit the range, speed and power reserve required.

Faster crossings on short sea routes with zero emissions can ensure more crossings per day. Ecospeed Marine products finally make short sea shipping viable, offering increased range compared to present market solutions.

Whether a customer’s requirement is to improve on an existing product (retrofit) or to create a new product Ecospeed can work with operators, shipyards, naval architects or other partners to design, build or update vessels

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